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Septic Tank Cleaning & Pumping


Serving Okaloosa, Walton, and Santa Rosa Counties

If you’re buying or selling your house, or just have concerns about your septic system, it is important to get a thorough septic inspection on your current system. Zeb Watts Septic specializes in septic inspections in Okaloosa, Walton, and Santa Rosa counties. Your inspection will include the pumping and cleaning of your tank, an inspection of the tanks condition, the condition of the inlet line, and drainfield. We can also check the pumps and alarms on alternative systems. You will then be given a written report detailing the findings.

Septic inspection procedure

  • Search local health department records for any known information
  • Locate and pump septic tank
  • Visually inspect tank and baffle
  • Pull & clean existing filter if one is available
  • Gather information regarding size, location and current condition of the drain field
  • Prepare and release the report within 24-48 hours of inspection
Pumping The Septic Tank - Septic Service in Crestview, FL
*Ask about adding a camera inspection to any service we provide!

Septic tank pumping

We provide septic tank pumping for all residential and commercial properties in our service area. Call us today for a free price quote for your pumping needs.

Septic tank pumping procedure

  • Locate the tank
  • Dig up the access lids for the tank
  • Pump the tank in its entirety
  • Examine the tank for any structural defects or damage
  • Pull and clean the filter if it currently has one
  • Put any dirt/sod back the way it was the best that we are able
Septic Pipes - Septic Service in Crestview, FL

Additional septic services

Here at Zeb Watts Septic, we are always equipped with any additional products you may need. If we don’t have it on the truck, we can have it for you the next day! Our products include new filters, septic treatments, risers, and more. We also offer a range of services beyond just your regular septic tank maintenance pumping. These services include camera inspections, hydro jetting, repairing entire septic systems, and more!

Septic system repairs

There are different ways to know if you need a repair to your septic system. When you have your tank pumped, many times the technician can tell you if your system looks to be working properly, or if you may be having a problem with your drain field. If you are told you need new drain field, we can help. We always offer free estimates. Also, shop around before you buy and know what you are buying before you decide. We provide one of the newest and relied upon systems in the septic world today. Our systems include ARC 24 chambers with the amount based upon the recommendations provided to you by your local health department. We are licensed and insured and follow all the state laws and regulations. Just to prove we stand behind our customers and the work that we provide, we offer a warranty at no cost to you from the time your system is approved up until one year after.

Septic system installations

Whether you’re building a new home or adding on to your additional home, we have you covered! Give us a call and we can get the proper permit pulled and even get you on the schedule to have your system installed most of the time within two weeks! Our installers here at Zeb Watts Septic are professional and courteous.

For any additional questions please see our FAQs page.